Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sustainability Classroom

ITEA is fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with the "Beyond Benign" organization. Beyond Benign is described as a nonprofit focused on creating a workforce and public that is well educated in green chemistry in order to create safer materials for a thriving society. Though they use the descriptive term, "green chemistry" they are quick to add that much of what they do has overlap with technology education. Representatives from BB have attended the past few ITEA conferences and been truly energized by seeing how our members embrace and are already implementing many sustainable practices.

Among the many opportunities that this partnership brings, is an opportunity for classroom teachers to attend BB's 6th Annual National Sustainable Design Expo - to be held next April on the Mall in Washington, DC. From BB's website:

The National Sustainable Design Expo is an event that brings together professional scientists, engineers, green chemists, business leaders and students around innovations designed to advance economic growth while reducing environmental impact. The Expo showcases the innovative designs of the EPA’s P3 (People, Prosperity and the Planet) student design teams.

Beyond Benign has issued an open invitation: the event is open to everyone at every age. They would love nothing more than for school buses full of technology teachers and their classrooms to descend on the Mall for the 2010 event. More information to follow - via ITEA and Beyond Benign at Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Will ITEA Tweet?

With the absolute slew of social and professional networking opportunities available these days, we feel a responsibility to make sure that ITEA is involved only in those that truly offer something beneficial to its members. Thus far, we've created opportunities for ITEA members on Linked In and Facebook and of course, here on Blogger.

The next site that is being given serious consideration is Twitter. While it is apparent that Twitter has useful applications for a membership association, it wasn't until I recently attended. a conference for my own professional development that I fully got the "Twitter experience." The conference organizers did a phenomenal job of using Twitter to make the attendees feel like tightly-knit group of colleagues - keeping them abreast of events, news, changes, and the like. The immediacy of the "tweets" truly made it feel like a conversation in which each attendee was involved.

For MUCH more on Twitter, including it's appeal to the masses, I strongly encourage you to read "How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live," recently published in Time Magazine. The article can be retrieved at,8599,1902604,00.html . It does a remarkable job of explaining what Twitter is all about.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Digital-Literacy Maven's Favorite Web Links

Excerpted from Edutopia Magazine:

As a professor of education, Michele Knobel uses the sites referenced in the website below. She believes that teachers-to-be must be savvy users of online technologies in order to be effective classroom teachers. She gives her students ample opportunity to create and collaborate through Web-based tools.

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